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Control Your Whole Computer With Android – Chrome Remote Desktop App

There are so many way which you use to control your Windows PC with the help of smartphone. Now Google come with a new app for Android and Chrome which allows you to access your PC from your Android. The application is free to use and available

Root Any Android Device Without Using a PC

Rooting an Android device has lots of benefits you can enjoy lots of rooted application, custom ROMs, tweaks, improves the battery performance of your device, remove unwanted system applications and android mods. Most of the user are looking for the easier way to root their device, but

Tweak Android Settings with GravityBox Xposed Module

In an android you can make lots of customization easily, if you have the rooted device then you can add lots of mods and tweaks on your phone. In this guide we;ll show you how you can make lots of change on your phone settings easily with

How to Install Nexus 5 Driver (ADB & Fastboot), Unlock Bootloader

If you are the proud owner of  Google Nexus 5 smartphone and looking for the guide to Install Nexus 5 Driver (ADB and Fastboot) and Unlock Bootloader. Today in this guide, we will show how you will do that on your PC without any problem. The guide

Awesome Way to Block Calls on Android Smartphones

Today in this guide we’ll show you how to block incoming and outgoing call on any android device with any carrier. With this way you can block lots of contacts number on your device and block all the unwanted call on your smartphone. This guide is only

Transfer Contents from iPhone or Old Android to Galaxy S5

Samsung Galalxy S5 is latest smartphone from the Samsung, if you recently bought the device or planning to buy it and want to move all your old iPhone or android contents to the new Galaxy S5. Here is the easy tutorial which you will follow on your

How to Use USB OTG (On the GO) Cable on Nexus 5

OTG stands for “On the go”. If your android device is USB OTG capable then you can connect the USB drives with your phone. Nexus 5 come with the OTG support. With the help of OTG you can connect keyboard, mouse,m usb rives etc with your nexus

Guide to Gain S-Off on HTC One M8 Phone (All Variants)

After the release of the HTC One M8 Phone rooting method is available with recovery installation. Now the Firewater developers has managed to achieve S-OFF (“security off”) on all variants of the HTC One (M8) android smartphone. Once you gain the S-Off on your M8 device, you

Upload Your Android Photos on Google Drive with Autosync App

Am the big Fan of the Dropbox service to take the backup of all my android files on the cloud. Google Drives is also in my list, but one thing am missing on the service is that you can’t auto sync you files on your derive account

Click Your Selfie Pics Using Cam Countdown or Whistle

Just Whistle and Snap your pictures. Now its possible with the free google androdi application callled Whistle Camera. In Google play store you will lots of automated apps which allows you to perform your task automatically. But this one is the new which allows you to capture