Are you looking for the best free antivirus online scanners to scan the infected files and viruses on your windows computer. Online virus scanners are one the best method to scan virus on your PC, with help of Online Antivirus scanners you can scan you PC without installing the antivirus application. You can also try some of the best Antivirus of 2013 here to scan your PC from virus, trojans and malaware attacks. There are several online antivirus scanners are available on the market, which gives the same protection to your Windows PC.

The best thing we like about the online scanners that they are easy to use and no need to install the app on your PC, just run the online scanner from the browser. And yes some time your antivirus is not helpful with some Virus and Malware. In such situation, the best you can do is use something that free and fast. So today we come with the list of 10 Best Free Online Virus Scanners.

List of Best Online PC Scanners

1. BitDefender


An online version of the BitDefender software. Will scan your drives, files, and boot sector. Works only with Internet Explorer. And one of most popular company in virus protection. With the helps of this free web scanner you can Double-check the security status of your PC even if you already have an antivirus program installed.

2. CA Online Malware Scanner


Browse your drives for a file you suspect of being malware and upload it for their scanner to check it for you. One of the malware online scanner, the scanner is capable of detecting malware threats from within your web browser.



Another free popular online malware scanner. With the help of ESET online scanner, you can scan your PC for known malware including viruses, threats, worms, Trojans, phishing, and spyware. Works on all browser such IS, chrome, Firefox and Safari.

4. Virustotal

Virus Total

Not only it scan the file, also helps you to scan the url and let you know that the URL is safe fro the browsing or not. From the web uploader you can uploads file upto 32MB to scan and to scan the web URL all you have to enter the URL in the box and it will scan the link and give you the results that the web URL is safe or not.

5. VirSCAN

VirScan Online Scanner

In this scanner you can UPLOAD any files, but there is 20Mb limit per file. VirSCAN can scan compressed files with password ‘infected’ or ‘virus’. Simply click Choose File followed by Upload and your file will be scanned, showing you the results in your browser.

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