Block Online Video Ads with AdBlock Video Firefox Plugin

Most of time when you are watching the video online, you can see online Video ads there. Mostly these ads are shown before the actual Video. Now with the help of Firefox Plugin AdBlockVideo you can block these online video ads easily.

Its a free firefox plugin that automatically skips advertising commercials when you watch streaming video on popular sites like Hulu, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and others. So this will help you to watch your online video without ads. The program automatically kicks in whenever you watch an online video, there are no configuration options or settings to tweak. You may notice a brief delay while the video ad is being skipped (2-5 seconds).

Features of AdBlock Video Firefox Plugin:

  • Safe and Effective Browser Add-On
  • Control to Block Video Ads When you Want
  • Stop Excessive and Annoying Video Ads
  • Works for popular sites like Hulu, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and others.

Download AdBlock Video Firefox Plugin Here

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