Pinterest + Instagram = Pinstagram. Yes Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo done this and they launched the new web service Pinstagram. Instagram is a famous photo sharing app available for both Android and iPhone. Pinterest a photo and video pinning app.

Now you can enjoy the both at the same time with Pinstagram. The app allows you to view all you Instagram photos on your desktop and allows you to share photos from the browser to Pinterest. There are so many app which allows you to watch your Instagram photos on desktop, ( check our article – How To Access Instagram Photos From Desktop ) But none of them allows you to share your favorite Instagram photos on Pinterest.

Browse Instagram Like Pinterest on the Web with Pinstagram

From the Pinstagram web app you can see all your Instagram Photos and also find the popular photos on instagram. From here you can like the photos, comment on them, check out all your Friend photos and with a single click you can share all those photos on pinterest.

All you have to do is go to and log in with your Instagram credentials to access your account on the web. After that you can see all the Instagram pics like Pinterest Style on the web, see the screenshot below.



Now you can like and comment on photos, as in the Instagram app. At the same time, you can pin photos to your Pinterest pinboards. Check the screenshot below how to Pin the photo on Pinterest, like and comment on photos.

Like, Comment and Share Photos

Like, Comment and Share Photos

So the app is one of the best way to enjoy Instagram on the web, The app also improves Instagram’s search feature, adding a search tab in the top left corner. Here you can search the pictures from Instagram easily.

Overall, Pinstagram is a good way for using Instagram and Pinterest in your Web browser. Hope you like the new web app, Let us know in the comments.

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