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Send/Receive Android Phone Message from Chrome With Mightytext

Forgot your Android Mobile phone on your home and want to send message from your Android phone or to check which messages you received on your mobile number from your workplace. Now it is possible with the help of Mightytext app. Which allows your send text messages

Run and Test Android ICS on Your Windows PC

Want to test the Android on your Windows PC, yes it’s possible with the WindowsAndroid Application. With this application you can test the Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich on your Windows PC and enjoy all the Android features on your Windows such as Application, widgets, settings and

How To Block Unwanted Calls On Android Mobile

“Do you need a Personal loan” or “Congrats you win the lottery” are you getting these type of messages and call on your mobile number. These days most of the mobile users are getting these type of spam calls and messages on there mobile phone. If you

Remotely Control Your iPhone, Android Camera With Remote Shot

These days all the smartphones has camera and most of the users using them to click the pictures and videos. Today we found a new application for both Android and iOS users, which allows them to control the Camera of your Android or iOS device using another

Sync iTunes Music to Android Mobile

It’s easy to sync iTunes Music to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but it’s a difficult task to sync your iTunes music library to android device. If you are recently moved from iPhone to Android device and want to sync your iTunes Music to your new

Transform Android Phone Into iPhone With Espier Launcher

Are you an Android phone user and want to try the iPhone screen look on your Android smartphone or turn android into iphone, then you have to try the new Android app Espier Launcher. Espier Launcher allows you to transform you android into iPhone. It was the

Uninstall Android Apps in Bulk With Easy Uninstaller

From Google play store you can install so many free and paid apps on your Android Mobile, But when you are going to uninstall some of those apps from your Android Application manager, you have to uninstall those apps one by one. There is not option which

Turn Your Android Mobile into Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

Now no need to buy a wireless mouse or Keyboard for your computer, now you can convert your Android mobile phone into Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Some days back we mention about how you can use your Android as webcam and how to use Android Phone As

Use Your Android Mobile As a Webcam For Video Chat

“In this article you can learn, how you can use your Android Smartphone as a Webcam, so you can use it for Video Chat on Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo or with any other program.” Do you know that you can convert you Android Mobile phone into a

Create Full Backup of Your Android Device on Cloud

Here is the complete guide to take the full backup of your android device on Cloud. Find out how you can backup and restore your android mobile and tablet from the Cloud. There are plenty of app are available on Google play store, which allows you to