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Lock Anything On Android Like Settings, Apps – Droid Protector

Droid Protector

In Google Play you will find lots of application to hide your pictures and lock you apps. But most of them can’t lock you phone settings or prevent your children from buying unwanted apps. Now here is the new application called Droid Protector, which allows you to lock and hide each and everything on your android smartphone, like SMS, Gmail, ...

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Hide & Lock All Kind Of Files on Android With Andrognito


In Google play store you can find thousand of application which allows you lock your personal file or hide them easily. But most of them not works on all the files like images, videos, files, data, worksheets or any other type of files. Not even on your android phone you can find any option which enable the hide option on ...

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Add Custom Google Now Commands on Android with Commandr App


Recently Google updated the Google search with “OK Google” hotword detection on any screen. With this feature you can easily use Google now commands from any screen of the android. In Google now you can use lots of search commands and do lots of thing easily, but there are still a tons of things that it doesn’t understands/performs, like turn ...

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CrookCatcher Take Photo of Intruder and Find the location


There are plenty of free and paid android apps are available on the Google plays store which allows you track your phone and catch the intruder. Few moths back Google has launched the same servcie called Android device manger for all the android users. Which allow you to tack your lost phone on the Google maps, and keep your device ...

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Change Android System Fonts Easily With Fontster App [Root]


One thing we like most about the Android device is that they are easy to customize and you can do lots fo things on the android. If you have the rooted device than you can install lots of rooted apps and install mods on the device like change the boot animation of you phone, Keyboard in Different Colors Like Blue, ...

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