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Nandroid Backup Guide – How it Works With Recovery and via Android App

Backing up your data and other files in android device is one of the most important task. There are so many free apps and tools are available on the web to take the backup of android devices. But most of them allows you take the backup of

Auto-Upload Your Android Pictures to Google+ & Dropbox Cloud Storage

Every One of us like to capture the pictures from our Smartphone and want to share with our friends and family members. But most of the time we forget to take the backup of those pictures and whenever you switched to new device or lost your device,

Automatically Backup Your Android Mobile Data on Google Server

Android smartphone are packed with lots of useful features, Backup and reset is one of the them. With this feature you can take the backup of your Android smartphone on Google Cloud. There are lots of other to take the backup of android smartphone. But with this

Backup Twitter Tweets and DM with twDocs

Recently Twitter introduced a new feature “Your Twitter archive“, which helps you to backup all your tweets on your computer. This way you can download all your tweets on your computer and view your Tweets by month, or search your archive to find Tweets. But the main

How to Backup SMS, Contacts, Settings & Apps in Android phone

What are the best way to take the full backup of your Android, are you looking for the answer of the same question. If you have the rooted device, then there are so many application for rooted device which helps you to take the complete backup of

How to Backup Extensions, Passwords, Browsing Data of Firefox

Firefox is one of the most used browser these days, most of the time on your PC you are spending on your browser. So that means you don’t want loose your Firefox browser settings, bookmarks , extensions and browsing data in future. The best option is to

Backup Your WordPress Blog Database, Files to Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best cloud service and most of the bloggers and webmasters are using the service these days to take the backup of important files and database. Now you can also backup your WordPress blog files and database easily on your Dropbox account. For

Backup Gmail Account 3 Best Ways To Do It

Are you a Gmail User ? Of Course you are. Some months back Google Announced that they are increasing the space of Gmail Inbox from 7.5 GB to 10 GB to celebrate Google Drive Launch. Now you can store more mail, attachments, and contacts on your Gmail

Transfer Files Between Dropbox, Google Drive and Box

If you have lots of cloud services accounts and want to transfer files between them, for this you have to must try Backup Box. Backup Box is free service which allows you to transfer files from one Cloud Service to another easily, With this service you can

Backup iPhone, iPad Data – 3 Best Solutions

“In this post you can learn about the iPhone, iPad apps which helps you to take the full backup of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Here is the Complete solution to take backup of your iOS” On your iPhone and iPad, you probably keep some important