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2 Free Methods to Recover Deleted Files

Deleted you important files from your desktop or your PC Hard drive crashed. Now it’s not easy to recover all your lost or deleted files from PC. So what do know to recover all you deleted files, first option is to hire some data recovery expert and

3 Useful Apps to Update Windows PC Drivers Properly

Outdated PC drivers are one of the main reason of slow performance of your Windows PC. If you want to boost the performance of your windows PC than a simple driver update will fix most of your PC problems. In simple words drivers are the must have

Create & Share Photo Slideshow or Video With Windows Movie Maker

There are hundreds of free and paid application are available on the internet which gives you the option to create free photo slideshow or videos. But are you aware that you can turn your beautiful images into slideshow(video) free without using any paid or any other third

Access All Your Google Apps From Firefox Addon Bar

A few days ago, we mentioned about a Google Chrome addon called Black Menu which allows you to access all Google services with a single click. Now you can do the same from your Firefox addon bar with the help of Gfox Google Shortcuts Firefox addon.. A

Optimize Your Internet Speed With Fastest DNS Servers

We have already mentioned that how to Boost Firefox, Google Chrome Browsing Speed With One Click and How to increase the Torrent download speed on your computer. So today in this post we will guide you how you can optimize your internet speed with fastest DNS servers.

Boost Firefox, Google Chrome Browsing Speed With One Click

Facing some speed issues with your Firefox, Google chrome browser or your browser takes so much time to load? Main reason of these types of issues are browser database, the fragmentation in the databases will slow down the applications. So today in this post we let you

How To Upgrade Your Hard Drive Without Reinstalling OS & Apps

Want to upgrade your Windows PC Hard drive without reinstalling the OS and other applications? The best and simple method is to take the full backup of all your application and data, after that install the new upgraded Hard drive on your PC and install the Windows

Change Windows 8 LockScreen Automatically with Lock Screen Customizer

In Windows 8 Microsoft has done lots of changes, Windows 8 LockScreen is one of them. Windows 8 LockScreen has some nice features such as you can change the background of lockscreen, add notification on your lockscreen and more. All these change can be made from the

Securely and Permanently Delete Files in Windows with DeleteOnClick

Most of the Windows users aren’t aware with this fact that whenever you delete any files or important data from your PC, they are not fully deleted from your Windows hard disk. Anyone can recover those important files with the help of some free file recovery software

Restore Deleted Photos From Digital Camera or SD Card

These days all the digital cameras stores all your clicked photos on Flash memory or SD card. If you are using the digital camera and deleted some photos accidentally from your camera memory card. Don’t panic. Let UndeleteMyFiles Pro Photo Recovery help you. A simple and small