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How I Deleted My Google, Facebook and Twitter Account

Delete Web Accounts

In today’s world we all have Google, Facebook and twitter account, Most of these social media accounts has all you personal info and visible for most of the other users. If you are not comfortable to share your personal info with other and want to deactivate or deleted your accounts so no one can access your personal info. Today in ...

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Control Your Facebook, Google & Linkedin Privacy With AVG Privacyfix

AVG Privacy Fix

Today most of the big companies steel your online data, personal information and make money with those data. Whenever you visit some website or any social media site you will see lots of advertisements, all these adv use cookies to track your behavior on the internet like what you are searching on the net and what website your are surfing ...

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Tweak To Download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Apps

Facebook Video Mobile Version

Few days back one our reader asked us a question “How to download Facebook video on desktop without installing any third party application or without using any online tool?” We all know that in Facebook we will find lots of videos, music videos and interesting video clips which are shared by most of the Facebook members and friends. Bit on ...

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How to Embed a Google+, Twitter, Facebook Posts on Blogs & Websites

Google Plus Embed Post

A few weeks ago, we show you how to embed the Instagram post on blogs and websites. Recently Facebook and Google+ added the new feature embed post, which allows you to embed any of your post, Video Post or pictures post on your blog and website. The new feature is simple to use and doesn’t require any coding skill, all ...

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