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Enable Facebook Auto Logout Feature With Firefox Addon

If you are Facebook user, then most of time you accidentally leave yourself signed in to the social network. And this cause a major problem to your Facebook account, if you are using the PC in local computer shop, then any one see your account and read

How to Download Your Facebook Data Easily

If you are going to close your Facebook account or want to delete your account and want to download all your Facebook data that you posted on your Facebook profile. Yes now you can bulk download your Facebook data easily. Here is the simple way which will

Get Facebook Notification On Your Chrome Browser

Facebook Notification allows you get notified when people take actions on Facebook related to you. Like when they tagged you in a photo, send message to you or read a new posting on your Wall. You will get these notification only on Facebook page, suppose you are

Find Who Removed You On Facebook Friends List

Facebook doesn’t provide any option for people to see who or when someone unfriend them or removed them from Facebook Friends list. Now you can easily find out who removed you on Facebook with Unfriend finder greasemonkey script. The best part of the app is that, it

Facebook Tip: Upload Images To Facebook Via URL

Facebook is one of the best place to share images with your friends, do you know that you can also upload Images/Photos directly to Facebook without downloading it in your Windows PC. In simple words you can post images on Facebook via URL, no need to upload

Create Facebook Timeline Cover With Instagram Photos

Facebook timeline has a option Facebook Cover, where you can show an image that best represents you as a person. If you are a Instagram user then you can show all your instagram photos on your Facebook cover with he help Insta-Cover web app. The app allows

Backup Your Gmail, Twitter & Facebook Account With Backupify

Now Backupify provide a new service called Backupify for Personal Apps, which allows you to take the personal backup of all your personal accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Google Drive, Flickr Blogger and other. It’s a simple and easy to use service which take the automated backup

Delete All Facebook Messages with One Click – Facebook Tip

In Facebook deleting all messages in not a easy task, to do this you have to delete each messages one by one. To delete the Facebook messages you first have to send each message to archive and then go to the archive folder to delete the messages

Facebook Tip – Change Facebook Page Vanity URL

Want to change your Facebook page vanity URL, yes you can do this now. Recently Facebook made it easy to change your Facebook page URL. But sometime back you can’t change your Facebook page vanity URL once the address was confirmed. Thanks to Facebook to make this

Add Images on Your Facebook Chat With Smileytime

Facebook Chat is one of the easiest way to chat with your friends and share your thoughts with your friends and family. But it has the limited features, in Facebook chat you can’t share your pictures or images, to do this you have to upload the images