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How to Apply Google Image Search Feature in Firefox Right Click Menu

Recently Google introduced the new “Search By Image” Feature on Google Chrome browser, which allows you to find similar images on the web with a right click. With the helps if this new feature you will perform reverse image search on Google chrome browser without opening the

How to Sync Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks With Apple iCloud Account

Last week Apple announced the new iPhone 5s, 5c models with new iOS 7 in the market. After this apple guys update the windows iCloud control panel with some new features. The new feature you will see in the iCloud control panel is iCloud Bookmarks. iCloud Bookmarks

Use Reset Firefox Feature to Fix Most Problems

Facing lots of Problem on your favorite browser Firefox such as crashing, slowness, unwanted toolbars and other. Now you can easily get rid off all these problems with Firefox Reset Feature. Firefox Reset Feature is one of the newest feature which Firefox recently launched. With this feature

5 Best Firefox Addons You Must Install Today

There are tons of free Addons are available for the Mozilla Firefox browser and most of them are very useful and helpful for the surfing. Firefox in one of the most popular browser with lots of features and addons. Today i am here sharing some of the

Customize the Look of Firefox With Stratiform Addon

Do you know that you can easily and in a very simple way change the look of Firefox without installing any new theme on your Firefox browser. In Chrome browser you can use so many Chrome theme to change the look of browser or create your own

Access All Your Google Apps From Firefox Addon Bar

A few days ago, we mentioned about a Google Chrome addon called Black Menu which allows you to access all Google services with a single click. Now you can do the same from your Firefox addon bar with the help of Gfox Google Shortcuts Firefox addon.. A

Boost Firefox, Google Chrome Browsing Speed With One Click

Facing some speed issues with your Firefox, Google chrome browser or your browser takes so much time to load? Main reason of these types of issues are browser database, the fragmentation in the databases will slow down the applications. So today in this post we let you

Sync Firefox, Chrome Bookmarks From One PC to Another With XMarks

Xmarks is one of the popular addon which helps you to sync your bookmarks, and open tabs backed up and synchronized across computers and browsers. The best thing about this addon is that it work on all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. With the

Block, Remove YouTube Ads in Chrome and Firefox

We all love to watch videos on YouTube, but the annoying thing is the ads which pop up inside the every YouTube video. Some of them are trueview ads which you can skip after five seconds, but some of them run for a 30 seconds. If you

How to Import Firefox Bookmarks to Chrome

If you are a Firefox user and recently moved to chrome browser, now want to import Firefox bookmarks to chrome. You can do this easily from your Google chrome browser without installing any add-ons or extensions. Google Chrome offer this feature by default, with this feature you