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Transfer Old Whatsapp Messages To New Android Mobile [Guide]

No Doubt WhatsApp is one of the most popular message service these days and most of the users are suing the same for the messages and chat. Recently, one of our reader asked us a question that how to move his old WhatsApp messages to his new

How to Change the Android Default Icons With Nova Launcher

Android is known for the customization, in an android device you can make lots of changes like change wallpapers, themes, icon pack and all. As we all know that all the android devices are packed with the default icons and most of the users want to change

Use LockDown Pro App to Lock Your Android Applications

All the smartphone has lots of personal information like emails, messages, call logs, contacts, notes, videos and images and no one us want to share these information with others. The best way to hide all this personal stuff is to lock all the important application on the

Simple Guide to Install Flash Player on Android 4.4 Devices

If you bought the new Nexus 5 or updated you old android phone or tablet to the new Android 4.4 Kitkat and found that the flash player is not working on you device. Unfortunately, due to some changes in 4.4 Kitkat Flash player will not work on

Transfer Photos, Contacts Between Android and iPhone with Send Anywhere App

The easiest and simple method to move files like photos, videos, contacts and apps between is to simply drag-and-drop the file from one device to another. But the process take so much time and little bit lengthy process. Most of the android and iPhone users are looking

Download Movies Subtitles Automatically on MAC and Windows

Finding right subtitles for your movies and TV show is one of the most painful task and sometimes it will take so much time to find the correct subtitles for the video. On the web you can find lots of website which give you the option to

Guide to Install Custom Fonts on Android Devices

In an Android device you can make lots of change like you can change the wallpapers, Theme, Icons, Ringtones etc. If you have the rooted device then there are various ways in which you can personalize your Android device. Today, In this guide we’ll show you how

Simplest Way to Create Ringtone For Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

There are lots to way to customize you smartphone like wallpapers, icons, themes etc. Ringtones is one of them, from the web you can download so many free ringtones and set them your smartphone default ringtone. If you are looking for a tool or app to create

Guide to Install CyanogenMod ROM using the Mac Installer

Few moths back we written an article about how to Install CyanogenMod ROM on Android With Windows Installer App (No Rooting). At that time CyanogenMod installers is not available for the MAC users, now CyanogenMod team released the new Mac Installer for the MAC user to install

Nandroid Backup Guide – How it Works With Recovery and via Android App

Backing up your data and other files in android device is one of the most important task. There are so many free apps and tools are available on the web to take the backup of android devices. But most of them allows you take the backup of