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Get iOS 7 Control Center Look on Your Android with Control Center App

iOS 7 Control Center is one of the new feature in iOS 7 devices from which you can quickly access the setting of your device. From here you can easily access all you settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, screen rotation and other important settings on your device. If

Create Free Ringtones for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Want to create free ringtones for your iPhone, Android or windows mobile phone? Yes you can do this easily from you windows desktop, no need to download or purchase your favorite ringtones from other websites. You cam make your own free ringtone within a few minutes. With

Top 5 Free Video Converter for iPhone, iPad & iPod

So many iPhone, iPad Video Converter are available in the market, which gives you the option to convert your favorite videos in other formats. If you looking for the best video converter for your iOS device, which helps you to convert your video into the iPhone, iPad

Turn Your Face into Cartoon With iMediaFace iPhone / iPad App

Now Turning you Face into a cartoon is not a difficult task. Yes it is possible with the iMediaFace iPhone / iPad App, it allows users to create stylized cartoon male or female faces that they can use as avatars on social networks. A free app for

Remotely Control Your iPhone, Android Camera With Remote Shot

These days all the smartphones has camera and most of the users using them to click the pictures and videos. Today we found a new application for both Android and iOS users, which allows them to control the Camera of your Android or iOS device using another

Use Your iPhone, iPad as a Wireless Flash Drive

Eightythree Technology released a new app for the iOS devices, which allows you to turn your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into Wireless Flash Drive. With this app you can store movies, pictures, apps on your iOS device wirelessly and also manage them easily. All you have

10 Must Have Apps for iPhone & iPad

iPhone or iPad without apps means a PC without any software. There are plenty of free apps are available iTunes store for Both iPhone and iPad, recently Apple released the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini with some new features and improvement. So today here we come

[iPhone] Send Self Destruct Messages and Photos With Wickr

In Most of the Spy Films like “Mission Impossible” and others, a messages comes to the agent and then the message will self-destruct in five seconds. If you are the iPhone users, now you cans also send the same type of Self Destruct Messages and Photos with

Sync iTunes Music to Android Mobile

It’s easy to sync iTunes Music to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but it’s a difficult task to sync your iTunes music library to android device. If you are recently moved from iPhone to Android device and want to sync your iTunes Music to your new

Find your iPhone Even When It’s Dead with Last Alert

Find your iPhone is not a easy task, when the phone is switched off or the battery is died. But with the Last Alert iOS app your can track your lost iPhone easily. Yes it’s possible with the app. with the help of the Last alert app