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Flash Samsung Firmware Directly From Browser with JOdin3 Web App – Mac, Windows, Linux

Most of the Samsung user know that to flash official rom on their device they have to download and run the ODIN tool on the desktop. Now they can do this directly from the browser with the helps of new JOdin3 app. With the help of this free

Guide to Use Free VPN Service and Surf the Web Anonymously

VPN service is one of the best way to surf the web anonymously, with the help of VPN services you can easily access all your blocked site like Facebook, Gmail, Hulu and other websites. Not only this you can also protect your privacy and no one can

How to Create and Resize Partitions in Windows

Want to create a new partition on your Windows hard disk or resize any partition on your Windows 8, 7 or Vista PC. I know that its not a easy task to do, but with the help of good application you can create and resize partitions in

5 Free Useful Office Suites for Your PC

Microsoft Office is one of the Popular Office Suite with lots of feature and tools, it’s one of the very best. But to use the Microsoft Office on your OS you have to pay a price. But there are so many alternative of Microsoft Office are available

Reconfigure Your Computer Keyboard With KeyTweak

Ever wanted to reconfigure your windows computer keyboard keys, yes you can do it easily with the free app keytweak. Keytweak is an app which allows you to reconfigure your keyboard. With the help of this powerful app you can change the function of any of the

Lock Your USB Drive With Password

USB Flash drives or Pen drives are  one of the easiest way to transfer data from one computer to another. But what happens when you lost your USB drive which has some important files which you don’t want to share. Or forget your USB on your office

Convert Webpages into Ebook (EPub) with Dotepub

Want to save an webpage or Blog article as a Ebook in epub format, so you can read it later on your e-readers, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, desktop computers. Now you can do it easily with one simple click. Dotepub is a bookmarklet for Firefox, Chrome and safari

Edit Photos Like a Professional With AdaptableGIMP

Some times back we have written about 61 Best Sites to Make you a Photoshop Guru, now its time to test one more new soft AdaptableGIMP. AdaptableGIMP is a new freeware soft which allows you to edit Photo like a professional. With Adaptable Gimp software, you’ll even

Recover Data From Crashed Computer Hard Drive

Computer Hard Drive Crashed, this may happens to anyone. But what if you have lots of important data on that drive that you want to recover it. Don,t worry you can do it with easy way. For this you need a free app Recuva and external housing

Get Windows 8 Start Menu On Windows 7 With Newgen

In the past we mentioned about how you can transform your Windows 7 to Windows 8. Today we will guide how you can get the Windows 8 Start Menu look on your Windows 7 or Vista PC. To get the windows 8 Start menu look you have