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How I Deleted My Google, Facebook and Twitter Account

In today’s world we all have Google, Facebook and twitter account, Most of these social media accounts has all you personal info and visible for most of the other users. If you are not comfortable to share your personal info with other and want to deactivate or

How to Embed a Google+, Twitter, Facebook Posts on Blogs & Websites

A few weeks ago, we show you how to embed the Instagram post on blogs and websites. Recently Facebook and Google+ added the new feature embed post, which allows you to embed any of your post, Video Post or pictures post on your blog and website. The

Self Destruct Your Twitter Tweets with Twitter Spirit

If you are running some contest on your twitter account for a week or for a day and tweeting like crazy. But if you don’t want those tweets into your profile forever, then you have to delete all those tweets from your twitter account one by one,

Update Twitter and Facebook Status Without Internet Connection

Do you know that you can update Twitter and Facebook status without Internet Connection from your mobile phone. Yes no need to use WiFi connection or internet on your smartphone to update your Facebook or twitter status. You can update your status with a SMS from your

Create Awesome Facebook, Google+, Twitter Profile Cover At One Place

There are hundred of online sites are available which allows you to create Profile cover page for your Social media Accounts like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. But the main problem with these sites are they doesn’t give you the option to create your profile cover for

Enable Twitter Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Your Account

On Wednesday, Twitter added the new Two-Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification feature on twitter to add more security to twitter accounts. With this new extra security lawyer you can secure your twitter account from hackers or from any other attack. Two-Factor Authentication is a extra protection

How to Schedule Retweets on Twitter With Bufferapp Extension

There are so many web applications which allows you to schedule your tweets for later, but none of them gives you the option to schedule retweets. Now for the first time, you can schedule retweets on twitter with the help of Bufferapp extension. Today Bufferapp launched the

Backup Twitter Tweets and DM with twDocs

Recently Twitter introduced a new feature “Your Twitter archive“, which helps you to backup all your tweets on your computer. This way you can download all your tweets on your computer and view your Tweets by month, or search your archive to find Tweets. But the main

Twitter Tip – Manage Multiple Accounts With Single Gmail ID

I am using two different twitter accounts to manage this blog on twitter, one is @iRaj_r and second one is @Technobuzz_net. But most of us aware with this fact that to create a twitter account you need a unique email ID to manage twitter account, that means

Get Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Reddit, Flickr Notification on Chrome

Chime is a new Chrome addon which allows you to get notifications from across the web: facebook, reddit, twitter, gmail, flickr, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, Stack Overflow, Foursquare and many more! In simple words we can say that chrime is all in one addon which helps you to