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This Is How I Removed the Crapware/Unwanted Apps on Windows New PC

Most of the new windows PC or Laptops comes with lots of pre-installed applications. These could include applications like DVD/CD burners, Toolbars, Gallery, Media Centers, Games, Utilities and all. Some of them are useful and some of them are crap and take most of the space on

Use Key Freeze to Lock Your PC Keyboard and Mouse Only

There are so many ways and application are available on the internet which allows you to lock the screen of your desktop, so no one can login your desktop. But if you are looking for a way to lock only keyboard and mouse on your desktop, not

Access Windows 8.1 Hidden Features With God Mode

God mode is one of the most easy way to access all Windows Hidden features at one place. With the help of God mode you can access lots of features and functions of the operating system. If you are the Windows 8.1 user and spent most of

Get Mac Like Dock on Your Windows Desktop with XWindows Dock

One thing i like most in the MAC OS is adorable Dock feature, which is a smart application launcher with some good feature and graphics. With the help of that Dock you can arrange your most used app icons and removed the cluttered icons from your Desktop.

Add Animated Wallpaper Clock On Your Windows 8, 7

There are so many ways to customize the look of your Windows PC. One of the easiest way to customize the Look of your Windows Desktop is to add Windows themes and Wallpapers. But today in this post we lets you know how you can customize your

Clean Junk Files on PC and Speed Up the Performance

Your PC performance is depend on the space of your hard drive, if your Windows hard drive don’t have enough space or filled with lots of junk files, then you will face some speed issues with your PC. The best and easy way to improve the performance

How to Create and Resize Partitions in Windows

Want to create a new partition on your Windows hard disk or resize any partition on your Windows 8, 7 or Vista PC. I know that its not a easy task to do, but with the help of good application you can create and resize partitions in

Reset Windows 8 Login Password in 3 Steps

Forgot your Windows 8 Login password, don’t worry now you can reset windows 8 Login password in three steps. Recover My Password is free to use application which helps you to reset your windows 8 password in very easy way. To do this all you have to

How to Hide Disk Drives in Windows 8 Computer

If you are using disk partitions or drives in Windows Explorer and you may not want your friends to access your files and folders from those Windows 8 Drives. So this trick will help you to Hide Disk Drives in Windows 8 Computer. This way you can

5 Ways to Copy Files Faster In Windows [Updated]

All of us know that built-in file transfer system in Windows is so slow, it takes so much time to transfer files. Sometimes moving or copying big files is painful experience in Windows. But now you can supercharge the simple act of copying and pasting on your