Tips to Avoid Facebook Scams

Some days back we mention about how to secure your Facebook account, which help you to protect your facebook account from hackers and spies. So today here we discuss about Facebook Scams, Facebook has been the target of some of the highest profile worms, viruses, and phishing scams on the web. So here are some tips which will help you Avoid Facebook Scams

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1. Most of the facebook scams are of the form of some videos. So avoid to click on such video link without verifying. if you don,t the person who posted the video link on your wall. So avoid to click such kind of video.

2. Try BitDefender safego, BitDefender’s SafeGo is a Facebook application designed to keep users aware and protected from spam and any kind of threat that might be floating around Facebook. Using in-the-cloud scanning, BitDefender safego keeps your social networking account safe so that you and your PC don’t get into e-trouble. An efficient BitDefender spam repellent also helps keep your message flow free from this kind of blah-blah.

3. Scans Your Facebook for Privacy Holes with ReclaimPrivacy, ReclaimPrivacy.org has launched a tool that will issue warnings on settings that fail to protect users of the social network. It’s a Facebook privacy scanner packaged in a handy-dandy browser button. Just drag the button to your browser’s toolbar, click “Scan for Privacy”, and your Facebook privacy settings will be scanned and examined for possible safety issues. It’s an easy, non-complicated way to figure out the maze of possible Facebook privacy infractions, especially since the ReclaimPrivacy bookmark tells you exactly what you need to fix (and even plugs holes for you).

4. If any of your friend send a link with some strange message, ask your friend first before click on those links. Never click a link if you have doubts about its origin.

5. If you believe you have already fallen victim to the Facebook phishing scam, simply log in and change your password. Other wise try to change your facebook password once a month to Avoid Facebook Scams.

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