How to Flash MIUI on Bricked MI 3, Mi 4 with Fastboot Mode

Is your Xiaomi Android Mi3, Mi4 or Redmi 1s can’t boot, dead or bricked or want to flash the fresh stock MIUI ROM with the help of PC, etc. Here is the complete tutorial which you can follow on your Xiaoping Android devices like Mi3, Mi4 or Redmi 1s, etc. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can quickly Flash the Full MIUI ROM on your MI3 with Fastboot method.

The same guide will work on the other Xiaomi Android devices. Fastboot is one way to flash ROMs to your phone, it’s safer than flashing in Recovery mode. This one is one of the best methods to solve all the problem on your device or best method to flash the MIUI ROM. The guide is pretty simple and all you need an MI Flash tool and Full MIUI Fastboot ROM to start the process. But before that do take the full backup of your phone, read our guide here ow take backup of Xiaomi phones.

How to Flash MIUI on Bricked MI 3, Mi 4 with Fastboot Mode

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Flash MIUI Rom With Fastboot Mode

Step 1. Download the latest version of MI Flash tool here and install the same on your windows desktop.

Step 2. Download the Full Fastboot MIUI Rom for Mi 3 or Mi 4 here and save the file on your desktop.

NOTE:- If this method will not work for yout hen try this one – How to Flash MIUI 8 Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi Phone Without Mi Flash Tool

Step 3. Now Extract the ROM File on your C:/ Drive (Don’t extract the folder on your desktop)

Step 4. Now run the MI flash tool on your desktop, the same file that you downloaded on the step 1.


Step 5. From the tool click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the image folder of the ROM file that you extracted on the C:/ drive on the Step 3.



Step 6. Now click on the ‘Browse’ button again and Advance and Choose the “Fastboot script” from the extracted ROM folder.



Choose the script carefully as per your need:-

clears all the data of the built-in storage, clear all user data, please be careful!

will erase all user data does not clear the built-in storage data.

does not clear the built-in storage data does not clear user data

I would recommended using the flash_all_except_storage.bat since this will wipe and flash everything but the virtual sdcard.
Step 7. After this, Turn off the phone, press the Volume– key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode, then connect the phone to a computer.

Step 8. Now click on the ‘Refresh’ button and you will see the device on the tool list.



Step 9. Once the device is connected, Click on the ‘Flash’ button and now the flashing process will start on your phone. Wait until the progress bar on MiFlash is green, which means the ROM is successfully flashed, and the phone will automatically boot.



That’s it. Now the Full MIUI Rom is install on your Xiaomi Android phone. Check out the Full video guide below:-


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