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2 Free Methods to Recover Deleted Files

Deleted you important files from your desktop or your PC Hard drive crashed. Now it’s not easy to recover all your lost or deleted files from PC. So what do know to recover all you deleted files, first option is to hire some data recovery expert and

3 Useful Apps to Update Windows PC Drivers Properly

Outdated PC drivers are one of the main reason of slow performance of your Windows PC. If you want to boost the performance of your windows PC than a simple driver update will fix most of your PC problems. In simple words drivers are the must have

Create & Share Photo Slideshow or Video With Windows Movie Maker

There are hundreds of free and paid application are available on the internet which gives you the option to create free photo slideshow or videos. But are you aware that you can turn your beautiful images into slideshow(video) free without using any paid or any other third

How To Upgrade Your Hard Drive Without Reinstalling OS & Apps

Want to upgrade your Windows PC Hard drive without reinstalling the OS and other applications? The best and simple method is to take the full backup of all your application and data, after that install the new upgraded Hard drive on your PC and install the Windows

Securely and Permanently Delete Files in Windows with DeleteOnClick

Most of the Windows users aren’t aware with this fact that whenever you delete any files or important data from your PC, they are not fully deleted from your Windows hard disk. Anyone can recover those important files with the help of some free file recovery software

Update All Your Windows Apps at One Place – OUTDATEfighter

It is always recommended to update all your windows application time to time to run your PC smoothly. Not only it helps you to run your windows PC faster, but always secure your PC from attacks. In windows PC we are using lots of third partly application

Replace Keyboard Useless Keys with Other Keys or Web Pages

Most of the keyboard has the same similar keys in similar location. And this keyboard layout doesn’t fit to all the users. Most of the time you press the Caps lock by mistake and don’t want to use that key. Now you can replace keyboard useless key

How to Create and Resize Partitions in Windows

Want to create a new partition on your Windows hard disk or resize any partition on your Windows 8, 7 or Vista PC. I know that its not a easy task to do, but with the help of good application you can create and resize partitions in

5 Best Disk Defragmenting Tools For Windows 8

Defragmenting your Windows hard drive is one of the important task to improve the performance of your Hard Disk, this way you can increase the speed of Windows PC. Defragmentation tool consolidate fragmented files and folders on your Windows PC hard disk so that each occupies a

Restore Deleted Files From Windows, USB Drive and SD Card

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is one and only application which helps you to restore / recover deleted files from any digital device such as Windows Hard disk, USB drive or SD cards. The application is free, yes it’s not a joke, its totally free to use application. One of