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Get Notified When Friends Come Online on Facebook Chat

When someone you add as a friend on Facebook, after that you’ll get Facebook alert about what that person posts on timeline. But this one is not working on Facebook chat application, every time you have to refresh the Facebook chat window and checking whether your friend

11 Facebook Tips / Tricks Every Facebook User Must Know

If you are a regular Facebook user, here are some awesome Facebook tips and tricks which help you to use Facebook like a pro. All these tips, tricks, and tools will give help take your Facebook experience to the next level. So today we come with 11

Block All Facebook Games and Apps Requests

I have so Many Facebook friends on my list and most of them are sending me the Facebook games and App invites. Now all these types of Facebook app request and games invites is driving me mad! If, like me, you are also the same situation on

How to Transfer a Facebook Fan Page to Other User

Want to transfer ownership of your Facebook Fan Page? Here is the complete guide which helps you to transfer ownership of a Facebook Business Page or Transfer Facebook Fan page from one user to another user. The process is simple and take few minutes to done this.

Get Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Reddit, Flickr Notification on Chrome

Chime is a new Chrome addon which allows you to get notifications from across the web: facebook, reddit, twitter, gmail, flickr, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, Stack Overflow, Foursquare and many more! In simple words we can say that chrime is all in one addon which helps you to

Watch Facebook Videos on Desktop With Real Player

Recently Real Player released the new update, which allows you to view Facebook Video on Real Player. With this new feature you can watch Facebook Videos on the Desktop. It allows you to view all your Facebook Feed videos with in a minute. From here you can

Convert Facebook Timeline Into Pinterest with Pinview

Few Days back we mention about a free Facebook App Pinvolve, which allows you to browse your FaceBook page into a pinterest style. Now today we come with the new Facebook App Pinview, which work same like the Pinvolve. But the difference within the both app is

Comment on Facebook & Twitter From Email with PowerInbox

Now you can like and Comment on Facebook from your Email and also reply the tweets from your email with the help of PowerInbox Firefox and Chrome extension. With the helps of this free addon you quickly comment and add reply on your Facebook and twitter posts.

Disable Facebook Timeline With a Chrome Addon

Disable Facebook Timeline method will work only for those users who are using Google Chrome browser to surf Facebook. With this addon you can remove the timeline with a single click and also enable it easily. Last year Facebook added some new feature to Facebook, Facebook timeline

Enable Facebook Auto Logout Feature With Firefox Addon

If you are Facebook user, then most of time you accidentally leave yourself signed in to the social network. And this cause a major problem to your Facebook account, if you are using the PC in local computer shop, then any one see your account and read