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Send Encrypted Gmail Messages With SafeGMail Chrome Addon

We are occasionally sends sensitive information from Gmail like credit card info, passwords, login ID and more. Now you can secure all these type of messages with SafeGMail Chrome addon. It is a free addon for Chrome user which allows you to send encrypted Gmail messages. With

How to Add Self Made Start Menu Button on Windows 8

Hundred of tools are available on the internet which allows you to add Start Button on your Windows 8 OS such as StartW8, Vistart and Start8. Some of them are free to use and some of them are paid one, but today we will share a tip

How to See Saved Password on Google Chrome

Today in this tutorial we are showing how you can see and manage your saved password in Google Chrome. Just like other browser Google chrome has also the feature which allows you to saved and store password on browser to auto login your favorite websites. With this

Remove Spam Mails Automatically From Gmail [Gmail Tip]

Everyone of us gets spam mail on gmail continuously and most of these Gmail spam mails are useless and they unnecessarily reduce the free space of Gmail account. Most of these spam mails contains viruses, malwares and harmful scripts which are dangerous to your account and PC.

Lock and Secure Your Folder on Windows Without any App

If you are sharing your PC with your family members or friends and don’t want to share your personal files with them. Best way to do this is to lock those folder and file with password, so no one can access without it from your permission. There

Send Free Fax Online with HelloFax

Want to send fax to someone and don’t have the fax machine in home or office. No need to worry now you can send fax online anywhere in the world with HelloFax. With the helps of this app you can send international fax for free. To do

How To Block Unwanted Calls On Android Mobile

“Do you need a Personal loan” or “Congrats you win the lottery” are you getting these type of messages and call on your mobile number. These days most of the mobile users are getting these type of spam calls and messages on there mobile phone. If you

Increase Your Laptop Battery Life with Battery Optimizer

Laptops, Notebooks and ultra-book are common these days and every users wants more battery life without having to plug it in all the time. But most of the time when you are traveling it is not possible for you to charge your laptop regularly and your laptop

9 Sites To Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself

Don’t want to share your real life picture on Facebook or twitter as a avatars, then why don’t you create a cartoon characters of yourself. Yes you can do this easily with some of the best web apps, which allows you turn your real life pictures into

How to Transfer Gmail Emails & Contacts to

Recently Microsoft introduced the new web email service A free email service with lots of new features, if you are a gmail user and want to move on new and want to move all your Gmail emails and contact to new Yes you can