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Add Mac OS X Lion Launchpad on Windows with WinLaunch App

MAC OS X Lion And Windows are two different OS with different features. Most of the Windows users like the UI of MAC OS and want to change the Windows look to MAC. On the web you can find lots of guide and application which gives you

Add Power Menus and Extra Tools on Windows 8 Context Menu

In one of our previous article we have mentioned about how to add Shutdown & Restart buttons on windows 8 Right click menu. Today, we’ll show you a new tool called Extra Tool Menus, which allows you to add extra tools and powers option on your windows

This Is How I Removed the Crapware/Unwanted Apps on Windows New PC

Most of the new windows PC or Laptops comes with lots of pre-installed applications. These could include applications like DVD/CD burners, Toolbars, Gallery, Media Centers, Games, Utilities and all. Some of them are useful and some of them are crap and take most of the space on

Use Key Freeze to Lock Your PC Keyboard and Mouse Only

There are so many ways and application are available on the internet which allows you to lock the screen of your desktop, so no one can login your desktop. But if you are looking for a way to lock only keyboard and mouse on your desktop, not

Access Windows 8.1 Hidden Features With God Mode

God mode is one of the most easy way to access all Windows Hidden features at one place. With the help of God mode you can access lots of features and functions of the operating system. If you are the Windows 8.1 user and spent most of

11 Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity [Infographic]

Did you know that with the help of Keyboard shortcuts you will complete your work faster and save lots of time. If you are windows users and most of time you are doing your work on windows PC, here are some of the useful windows keyboard shortcuts

Windows 8.1 Update – Step By Step Guide to Install

Today Microsoft released the new Windows 8.1 Version from Windows PC users. The new update comes with lots of new changes such as Start button is back, snap view, App improvements, smart SkyDrive syncing and lots more. If you are the existing user of Windows 8 then

Remove All Traces of Your Windows Activity With PrivaZer

If you are sharing your windows computer with your friend or your family members then there are chances that they will track all your Windows Activity like your last used app, Movies, Files, browser history and more. If you are the experienced PC user then you can

Reset Your Windows PC’s To It’s Default State With RefreshPC App

Are you facing some problems on your Window PC like slow boot up, lag and any other misconfiguration. The reason behind these problems are misconfiguration of programs or other registry values. Most of the time when you install a new application or any other programs on your

Connect Your Windows 8 Desktop or Laptop To Your HD TV

How to connect your Windows 8 desktop to my HD TV? Most of the people are searching the same question on the net and can’t find the easy way to connect both devices. These day most of the Laptops, Desktop and HD TV has the display port