Windows 8 New Keyboard Shortcuts

Yesterday Microsoft released the new Developer preview version of Windows 8, from here you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO 64 & 32 Bit. The new Windows 8 OS comes with a new Metro UI, App Store and more new features. With the new release of Windows 8 there are new Windows 8 Keyboard Shotcuts are available. Below are the 18 official shortcut keys to access some of the features in Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Logo Key + Spacebar – Switch input language and keyboard layout

Windows Logo Key + Y – Temporarily peek at the desktop

Windows Logo Key + O – Locks device orientation

Windows Logo Key + V – Cycles through toasts

Windows Logo Key + Shift + V – Cycles through toasts in reverse order

Windows Logo Key + Enter – Launches Narrator

Windows Logo Key + PgUp – Moves tiles to the left

Windows Logo Key + PgDown – Moves tiles to the right

Windows Logo Key + Shift + . – Moves the split to the left

Windows Logo Key + . – Moves the split to the right

Windows Logo Key + F – Opens File Search App

Windows Logo Key + C – Opens Charms Bar

Windows Logo Key + I – Opens Settings charm

Windows Logo Key + K – Opens Connect charm

Windows Logo Key + H – Opens Share charm

Windows Logo Key + Q – Opens Search pane

Windows Logo Key + W – Opens Settings Search app

Windows Logo Key + Z – Opens App Bar


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