Change Windows 8 Start Screen BackGround with Windows 8 Start Tweaker

Recently we covered windows 8 apps like Windows Metro UI Tweaker and Widnows 8 Keyboard shortcuts. Now Today here we are with one more new app Windows 8 Start Tweaker. Which allows you to change the look of Windows 8 background and Start screen easily.

Windows 8 Start Tweaker is free app GUI based, portable application which help you to change the background color of login and Start Screen with a single click.

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With this App you can make any image file (png/bmp/jpg/gif) as your default screen background, and you can also change the background color of your Start screen or logon screen. IT works for Windows 8 WDP (build 8102) only.

Its simple to use download and unzip program file to a folder and run Win8StartTweaker exe file. No Need to install as we mention above it was a potable app. The app’s interface by default appears in Chinese language, which you can change to “English” by clicking US- flag at the bottom.

Note:- If you want the image fills out the whole screen, you should make a image by yourself. The Height of the image should be doubled with the Height of your Screen Resolution. For example, if your Screen Resolution is 1280 X 800, you should make a image with Height 1600, and the width is not limited.

Download Windows 8 Start Tweaker here

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