10 Best Free Online Virus Scanners

6. Avast – Online version of popular antivirus software Avast will scan individual files of up to 512kb in size.

7. TrendMicro Scans for Viruses and Malware. It also scans for vulnerabilities and and fixes them to prevent re-infestation.

8. JottiUses several scanners at once to scan files that you upload to detect malware that may be hidden.

9. Panda Security Searches your system for worms, viruses, trojans and more after a small Active X download.

10. F-Secure Simple virus scan from web. Uses ActiveX components

F secure Online Virus Scanner
F secure Online Virus Scanner

So try these online scanners and be safe on web with malware and any other threats. Most of these online scanners are tested by us and they work so perfect and helps your PC to clean and safe.

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  5. It’s a shame that Bit Defender is so unuseable. I have Internet Explorer 7, and the scanner refuses to load. They have a page that tells you how to reset your security settings, but apparently they haven’t updated it in years because it’s useless. They tell you to set your security settings to medium/high, this is no good. They tell you to add their site to Trusted Sites but this is quite impossible as IE7 now only accepts sites with the “https” prefix in that zone. I actually don’t know of many sites that even use this prefix. Thank God for Firefox. What’s more, even to send them feedback one must fill out a CAPTCHA which leaves out blind users like myself entirely. You can’t even fill out their little survey to rate their info page. They don’t seem to have sense enough to implement an audio CAPTCHA like Google and many other sites are using now. If I remember correctly this is the same manual scanner I tried to use last year with IE6 which refused to remove anything. I’m quite surprised it’s number one on your list. Ordinary computer users and especially blind ones should not waste time with this one.

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  7. I highly reccommend Avast AV it’s the best I’ve tried, and wins surveys on % of trojans, rootkits etc. detected

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  27. As of this week, Kaspersky’s online scan is down. I believe they are updating/upgrading it. You can scan individual files, but I want a deep scan. I began to look for an alternative, as I’ve always seen Kasp spoken of as the ultimate online scanner. I will try Bit Defender and see if it has improved over the last 15 months. I avoid McAfee simply because it always tries to install itself on my computer.

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  30. Used them all. You avast ftw every single version. Kaspersky should get a mention and i will sometimes advise avira. but avast is easy, light, and never has caused one problem or let any pass through. Sorry technobuzzb but consumer reports even says youre way off

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