2 Ways To Create Google+ Profile Short URL

If you are Looking for a Short URL for your Google+ Profile, then you have to try 2 new web apps Gplus.to and Gpuser.com. They both will help you to create a short URL for your Google+ Profile with simple and easy steps. So You can remember the link of your Google+ Profile and share it with your friends.

So here are the 2 Ways To Create Google+ Profile Short URL :-

1. Gplus.to

Just copy the numbers from your Google+ profile and paste it to Gplus.to app and select your desired name. By Using this, you can create a easy to remember short URL for your Google Plus profile.

2. Gpuser.com

Gpuser.com is similar like Gplus.to, but here you have to post the Google+ profile Full URL not the numbers. Example:- https://plus.google.com/u/0/12334567XXX89/. After that choose the desired Username that you want for your Google+ profile and click “create link“. Thats it


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