Backup Gmail Account 3 Best Ways To Do It

Are you a Gmail User ? Of Course you are. Some months back Google Announced that they are increasing the space of Gmail Inbox from 7.5 GB to 10 GB to celebrate Google Drive Launch. Now you can store more mail, attachments, and contacts on your Gmail Inbox.

So today we come with the post which helps you to take the backup of your Gmail account easily, so you can save it on your PC or local drive or any other web service. There are so many method which allow you take the Backup of your Gmail Inbox and contacts, Below, we’ve listed a few of them, so you can choose whichever best suits your needs.


How to Backup Your Gmail Account

1. Desktop EMail Clients.

So many Desktop email clients are available on the net which allows you to save all your Email on your Desktop, so you you can use them offline also. But the top three which we recommend are Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

POP Download
POP Download

If you plan to use these desktop client all you have to do is enable POP3 or IMAP email account on your Gmail Account. To do this you have to enable POP3 email account setting from your Gmail Setting. You can read the full instruction how to setup POP Email from here.

2. Hotmail – TrueSwitch

Another method to take the Backup of your GMail Account. Just go to the Hotmail Website and open a new Hotmail Account, after the signup or login you Hotmail Account Open TrueSwitch Fill up all the details like your current Gmail address, Stuffs that you would like to copy etc. After filling all the detail hit the “Copy to Windows Live Mail” button to backup all you GMail Account on Hotmail.


Now wait for 24 hours till all your mail are imported to your new Hotmail Account.

Or you can use the Gmail inbuilt feature Forwarding Mail, which allows you to forward all your email to the other Mail box. To do this go to your Gmail Account Setting Page, Forwarding and POP/IMAP and Enter the email address to which you’d like your messages forwarded.

Forward Gmail Mails
Forward Gmail Mails

3. Backupify


Backupify is online web service which allows you to backup most of the service like Gmail, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter and Picasa. All you have to do a signup a free personal account, Backupify gives you 2GB of backup storage for free, which should be enough. Just supply the login credentials of the sites you want backed up and Backupify takes care of the rest.

Hope you like these methods to take the backup of your Gmail Inbox, So make sure you do a Gmail Backup now! And do share your thought about these backup methods in the comments section.


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