Access All Your Google Apps From Firefox Addon Bar

A few days ago, we mentioned about a Google Chrome addon called Black Menu which allows you to access all Google services with a single click. Now you can do the same from your Firefox addon bar with the help of Gfox Google Shortcuts Firefox addon.. A addon which allows you to access all your Google apps from one pace. The collection of shortcuts can be easily accessed via add-on bar. With this addon you can access Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Play, Hangouts, Blogger, youtube and more from your Firefox addon bar.

The addon will add a simple shortcut on your Firfox addon, here you can see all the shortcuts of latest Google apps. With a single click from those shortcuts you can open your favorite Google apps on the browser windows. No need to type the web URL of the application on your browser new tab, just hit the icon and the service will open on your Firefox browser. THe addon is free to download and you can download it form the Firefox addon section or you can find the direct download link of Gfox Google Shortcuts Firefox addon at the end of this post.

How to Access All Your Google Apps From Firefox Addon Bar

Install the Gfox Google Shortcuts Firefox addon on your Firefox browser, it can be used on Firefox 19.0 and later version. Once the installation is complete on your browser you can see the new Google icon on the bottom right corner of your Firefox Browser Addon bar.

Google Apps on Firefox Addon bar
Google Apps on Firefox Addon bar

Just click the Google icon from the addon bar and you can see the list of all the Google apps on your browser screen. When you hover your mouse over these app icons on the panel, it displays the name of the Google service on the same popup screen. Just click the app icon which you want to open on your browser and the app will open on the new tab of Firefox.

Gfox Google Shortcuts
Gfox Google Shortcuts

With the help of this free Firefox addon you can access multiple number of Google apps in your Firefox browser. One of the best and fastest way to launch and access Google Apps quickly using this Google apps shortcut.

Download Gfox Google Shortcuts Firefox Addon here

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