Browse Blocked Sites On Windows With PirateBrowser

Recently one of the popular sharing site Pitratebay released the new “PirateBrowser” to browse all blocked site from windows PC. We know that most of the peoples can’t access torrents sites and other social networking sites because they are blocked. Sometimes in your college and your workplace most of the site are blocked, so that you can’t access them from your browser. Now you can access all those blocked site on your Windows PC with the helps of portable PirateBrowser. There are plenty of other ways are also available which allows you to open blocked sites on your workplace and also some tips which allows you to open blocked Facebook easily and Gmail on your browser. But with this simple portable browser users can access all sites very easily and make the site instantly available and accessible. The best thing of the browser is that you can use it as the portable app, no need to install the application on your windows PC and you can carry the browser on your USB drive and use the same from anywhere without installing.

PirateBrowser is based on the latest release of Mozilla, Firefox 23. And the browser comes with lot of blocked sites bookmarks which you can access directly form the toolbar of the browser. With a simple click you can easily access all the blocked site form the browser. Currently the browser is available only for the Windows users, but the developers are working on the Mac and Linux version and very soon you will see the new version of PirateBrowser.

To browse all the blocked site on your Windows just download the PirateBrowser on your desktop, you can find the download link at the end of this post. Once the files is downloaded on your desktop run the .exe file from the folder and you will see the new “Start PirateBrowser.exe” file on the same folder.

Start Pirate Browser
Start Pirate Browser

To start browsing the blocked site on your PC, double click on the Start PirateBrowser.exe file and the application will start up. Once the application is loaded you can see the new Pirate browser windows on your home screen with some bookmarks on it. It looks like the Firefox browser and based on the latest release of Mozilla, Firefox 23.

PirateBay Browser
PirateBay Browser

To access block site just enter the URL of that site on the address bar of the PirateBrowser and now you can browse that site on your browser. On the bookmark toolbar you can see lots of blocked sites bookmarks like PirateBay, KickAssTorrents etc. One of the nice and fastest way to access all block site on your desktop.

Download PirateBrowser From here


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