Download Gmail Attachment to Google Drive Dropbox & Box With Kloudless

Want to Download All your Gmail Attachment to Google Drive, Dropbox and or Attach Files from the Cloud services to your Gmail without downloading it. You can now transfer files between your Gmail inbox and cloud services. Also you can copy, move, and delete received attachments, or attach files from the cloud to new emails. Yes this is possible with Kloudless Chrome Addon, a free addon which allows you to move all your attachment to your Dropbox,, Google Drive account and also attach the files from the same cloud services to your email. Currently the addon is working with the Gmail account only, support for Microsoft Outlook is on the way.

The installation is so simple and takes three to four minutes to complete the setup process. So lets take a look how the service works with your Gmail account and how you can download all your Gmail attachments directly to your Cloud Storage and attach the files to your account.

How to Download Gmail Attachment to Google Drive, Dropbox & Box With Kloudless Chrome Addon

Step 1. Go to your Chrome browser and open the Chrome web store. From here download the Kloudless addon on your Chrome browser. You can find the download link of the addon at the end of this post.

Download Kloudless Chrome Addon
Download Kloudless Chrome Addon

Step 2. Once the installation is complete, Loign to your Gmail account and here you can see the new Kloudless setting pop up window. From here you must allow the service to access your Gmail account, and then sign into any cloud storage services you use. See the Screen Shot below:-

Connect Your Accounts
Connect Your Accounts

Step 3. Once the setup process is complete, go to your Gmail account and now you can see the new option Copy/Move next to attachments. With this feature you can move the attachments to your cloud account without downloading it on your computer.

Copy and Move Attachment
Copy and Move Attachment

Step 4. Click the Copy/Move button and a new pop up window will appear on your Gmail screen, Now Select the cloud storage folder destination where you want to save the Gmail attachment. After that hit the Move or copy button from the windows and your attachment will save on your cloud account. (In this guide we are using the Google drive account) See the screenshot below:-

Select cloud storage
Select cloud storage

That’s it, now your gmail attachment is saved on your cloud account, login to your cloud account and you can see the Gmail attachment on your Cloud accounts folder.

Check out the Video Demo below:-

How to Attach Files in Gmail From Dropbox, Google Drive and Box

Step 1. To attach files from Dropbox, Google Drive and Box, go to your Gmail inbox and hit the compose tab from the left sidebar of your inbox, on the compose window screen you can see the new Kloudless icon on bottom next to send button.

Kloudless Icon

Step 2. Hit the button and select the cloud service from your account and attach the files on your Gmail account.

That’s it, now you can attach files on your Gmail account and no need to download all those files on your computer. Although Kloudless only works with Gmail for now, support for Microsoft Outlook is on the way.

Download Kloudless Chrome Addon

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  1. WARNING – the original Kloudless Extension is now gone. There is a new one, that looks pretty suspect – it might me malware. BEWARE.

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