Enable Facebook Auto Logout Feature With Firefox Addon

If you are Facebook user, then most of time you accidentally leave yourself signed in to the social network. And this cause a major problem to your Facebook account, if you are using the PC in local computer shop, then any one see your account and read your message etc. And even at home, at that time your family members manages to get on your Facebook account while you are not in the room. Fortunately, a Firefox add-on called Facebook Auto-Logout is available, which help you to solve this problem.

A very simple and easy to install addon, once installed on your firefox browser, it will automatically log you out of Facebook after a predefined period of inactivity, when you close the browser window. To use this addon you have to delete all cookies from your Firefox browser, so you’re not logged in anymore and not traceable at least by these cookies.

How to automatically log out of Facebook

How to automatically log out of Facebook

1. Download and Install Facebook Auto Logout Addon on your Firefox Browser.

2. Once the installation is complete, The add-on is enabled by default. You can change the setting from the Addon manager. To chage the auto-logout time on your facebook, just go to Add-ons, then Options next to Facebook Auto-Logout. Change the number in the box near the bottom.

Facebook Auto Logout Addon
Facebook Auto Logout Addon

That’s it, now you will get the notification on your desktop when you have been logged out of Facebook by the add-on. The log out delay and notification options are configurable in the preferences menu of the Add-on Manager.

Facebook Auto Logout Notification
Facebook Auto Logout Notification

Check out the video Demo Below

One of the best addon to logout automatically Facebook, easy to use handy addon that can help you protect your Facebook account from unauthorized access or friends. If you want to learn more about Facebook’s tools, check out this great Facebook page here.

Install Facebook Auto-Logout Add-on For Firefox

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