Get Phone Alerts of Suspicious Google Account Activity On Your Mobile

Most of us are using Google account these days for emails or to buy apps from Google play store. So you always want to protect your account from hacking and other suspicious activity. Recently google launched a new security system to all Google account, which allows you to receive notification on your mobile device or email account if someone changes your password or Google detects unusual login activity. With this way you can add one more security layer to your Google account.

With the help of this extra security feature you will immediately receive a notification on your mobile phone that some one is trying to login your acccount and all. To use this service all you have to add phone number on your Google account and enable phone notification or email notifications from Google security page. Below is the tutorial which helps you to enable those notifications:

Get Phone Notifications of Suspicious Google Account Activity

How to Get Phone Notifications of Suspicious Google Account Activity

1. Login to Google Account with ID and Password. After this click on your profile picture in the top-right corner and hit the Account option there. Or you can click this Google security link if you’re already logged in.

Google Account Settings
Google Account Settings

2. Now you are on Google Account page, from the left sidebar click the Security link. Scroll down to Notifications. First you have to verify your phone number if you have not done so in the past. You can also Mobile number here or add the new number also.

Google Notifications
Google Notifications

3. After the phone verification check the options Password change and Suspicious log-in attempt for both email and Mobile. To get alerts on your email box and Mobile device.

Google Notifications Types
Google Notifications Types

Check out the Video Demo below:-

That’s it now are ready to get notification or alerts on your mobile device. If you can’t see this security option on your google account now, check again in a few days.

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