How To Add Facebook Friends Into Google Plus

This Week Google Announce its long-rumored Facebook competitor Google Plus. It’s similar like the Facebook News Feed, allowing users to share photos, videos, links or their location with friends. So today here we are sharing a tip with you which will help you to Import all your Facebook contacts to Google Plus.

1. Log in your Yahoo Mail account or Create new one.

2. Now Go to the “Contact” Option and then “Import Contacts”. And Authorize Facebook access to your Yahoo! address book.

Facebook to Yahoo
Facebook to Yahoo

3. Wait for a min to Import Facebook Contacts on Yahoo acccout.

4. Now Your Facebook contacts are on your Yahoo mail Account.

5. Now Login to Google+ Account and go to your “Circles” Page.

6. Click “Find and Invite” there, and then click “Yahoo! Import” and “Authorize your Yahoo Account” there, that you used to Import Facebook Contacts.

7. Now All the contact are on your Google Plus “Find and Invite Page”. Now Drag everyone into the appropriate “Circle”. Check Out our Google+ Page Here

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