How to Remove Duplicate Contacts From Gmail

If you are a Gmail user and your contacts list is full of contacts and lots of duplicate contacts are there and you want to remove all those duplicate contacts. To do this you have to visit your Gmail contacts page and find out all the duplicate contacts and after that you can remove them, but that one is a difficult task to find all the duplicates contacts and it takes so much time. But now you can do this easily with the help of Scrubly web app. Scrubly is a free to use web service that looks for duplicate contacts in your Gmail and help you to remove them easily. No need to download the application on your desktop or create a account with the web app. All you have to login the web app with your Gmail user ID and password and after that follow the on screen instruction to remove all the duplicate contacts from your Gmail contacts list.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts From Gmail

1. Go to Scrubly Home page here

2. On the home page of the web you can see the login box. Now sign up with your Gmail account.

3. Now follow the web app instruction and let the app do its work.

4. After your original address book is backed up, duplicates from the book are found and removed.

One of the nice and easy way to search all duplicate contacts and remove them, the best part of the app is it not only work with Gmail but also works with Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps address books.

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