Solve YouTube Buffering Problem and Increase YouTube Playback Speed

Facing some YouTube Playback problems such as YouTube buffering speed or take so much time to load the page. No doubt YouTube is one of the largest video streaming site with lots of viewers. Many of them complains about slow YouTube buffers or slow YouTube speed. There are so many reason for these problems, first low-speed internet and second some IP issues. Today in this post we are sharing some tips which helps you to increase the YouTube playback speed and solve your YouTube buffering problem.

All the below mention tips are easy to use and take up to 5 minutes to add on your PC, after that you enjoy the YouTube with some good speed. And yes no need to download and install any third-party application on your computer to speed up YouTube playback.

Increase Youtube Buffering Speed
Increase Youtube Buffering Speed

How to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

1. Join YouTube Feather

YouTube Feather Beta
YouTube Feather Beta

YouTube has the one hidden program page called “YouTube Feather”, not many user know about this. It doesn’t help you to speed up your internet connection, but will help you to watch video in better way and video without any buffering video problems. Lets talk how it works, whenever you open a YouTube page on your browser, you can see lots of option there such as related videos, comments, description, share buttons and lots of other thing on the YouTube page. All these features will take so much time to load in the browser and eats so many bandwidth of your Internet connection and this features slows down your video watching experience.

With Feather Beta you can block all these kind of options on the YouTube page and this will help you load the YouTube page faster and improve your YouTube watching experience. All you have to Visit the YouTube program “YouTube Feather” page and join the program from your browser page. Read more about YouTube Feather here and load YouTube Videos faster.

2. Reject Certain IP Addresses to Increase YouTube Speed

Thanks to Mitch, who come with the new tweak which helps you to increase the YouTube playback speed. Whenever you Play a YouTube Video on your browser, you ISPs throttle the bandwidth and download speeds on connections from YouTube’s CDN servers that provide you with cached videos. So with the below mention command you can block IP addresses on this content delivering network and helps you to bypass these CDN servers. Follow the step one by one to enable the tweak on your Windows PC.

1. Go to you start menu and type ‘cmd’ on run box and right click the icon to ‘Run As Administrator’.


2. Now you see a UAC prompt, click Yes. And the command prompt is open on your desktop screen, here you have to enter a command to enable this tweak. Now copy the command from below and paste in on your Command prompt window and hit enter.

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="YoutubeSPeedTip" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

Youtube Command
Youtube Command

3. Now you can see an OK message on the screen, that’s it now the command is accepted. In future if you ever want to remove this command from the windows, enter the below mention command and hit enter, this will remove the above mention tweak from your windows.

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”YoutubeSPeedTip”

So with the help of With the above mentioned tweaks you can speed up your youtube videos and solve your YouTube buffering problem. Let us know in the comments below, Did this trick work for you or not?

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