Install New CyanogenOS 12 YNG1TAS2I3 to Fix Oneplus One Issues

The CyanogenOS 12 YNG1TAS2I3 version is now released for the Oneplus one users. The new build will fix lots of problem in the Oneplus like Touchscreen sensitivity, Bluetooth connectivity with several in-car systems, MMS sending on several carriers etc. The new build is based on the Android 5.0 and not on the 5.1, the update comes with only fixes and nothing new. If you are the Oneplus one user and facing all kind of these problems, then apply this update on your phone and solve all those issues. All you have to flash the new update zip file on your phone and you are done. Don’t know how to apply this update on your phone, here is the guide which you can follow on your phone and update the same with CyanogenOS 12 YNG1TAS2I3

This guide si only for the one plus user and works on any ROM like Custom ROM, Oxygen OS and CM12. Before following this guide, do take the full backup of your phone and read all the instructions very carefully to apply this update.

Install New CyanogenOS 12 YNG1TAS2I3 to Fix Oneplus One Issues

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Install CyanogenOS 12 YNG1TAS2I3 on Oneplus One

Step 1. Download the CM 12 YNG1TAS2I3 zip file here for the oneplus and save the zip file on your phone internal SAD card.

Step 2. Once the zip file is saved on your phone. Turn off your phone and boot it into recovery mode. To do this Press Volume Down + Power button.

Step 3. Now you are in the recovery mode. Wipe the following > Dalvik cache, Cache, system, data. Don’t Wipe the Internal, otherwise you will lose the ZIP file that you saved on your phone.

Step 4. After that Go back to recovery main menu and start the flash process.

Step 6. Tap on install. And Locate the CyanogenOS 12 YNG1TAS2I3 zip that you moved on your phone one Step 1 and Flash it.

Step 7. One the flashing process is done. Reboot to system.

Step 8. The first boot will take 5-6 minutes.

Enjoy! Now your phone is running on CyanogenOS 12 YNG1TAS2I3 and all the problems are fixed now.


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