Reply Gmail eMails Faster With Canned Responses Gmail Lab Feature

Gmail is one of the most powerful email client with lots of feature, which give you the ability to use it as professional. Canned Responses Gmail Lab Feature is one of them, with this feature you can reply all your mails in faster way. Lets discuss what’s the canned responses, if you are typing the same mail over and over, like thanks mail, letter to your co workers or anything. Every time you have to type the same mail again and again, canned responses will solve this problem to write the same email again and again. With this Gmail Lab feature you can save an email as a canned response and use it over and over again without needing to copy and paste into a new window and helps you to mail them faster. In simple words we can say it allows you to respond to e-mails with previously written canned responses.

There are lots of other features too in Gmail, which you can use it like a pro. Checkout some of the them here 10 Best Gmail Labs Addons You Must Try, Add Multiple attachments on Email Quickly and how to add professional Signature on your GMail messages. Today we will show you how you can add canned responses on your Gmail message and reply the mail faster.

Canned Responses Gmail Lab Feature

How to Add Canned Response Feature in Gmail

Step 1. To use this feature on your Gmail inbox first you have to enable the Canned Responses Gmail Lab Feature from your account settings. Go to Settings > Lab and Enable Canned Responses and save the settings.

Enable Canned Responses
Enable Canned Responses

Step 2. Once the settings are saved, you are ready to use this feature on your GMail inbox, GO to your Gmail inbox and hit the compose button to create a canned repose on your account. Type the mail that you want to save and the canned response, so you can use it in future to reply faster. Once you written the email, click the triangle on the right side of the compose window. From here choose “Canned responses” and then click on “New canned response…”.

Create New Canned response
Create New Canned response

Step 3. Now A pop-up will appear asking you to name the response. Give the name to you response and hit the OK button to save it on your GMail.

Step 4. Congratulations! You now have a new canned response. So next time when you want to send the same mail again and again, Hit the triangle button on the right side of the compose window. (Same method that you use om Step 2). Here you can see the name of your canned response listed, hit the same and the response is added on your compose box automatically. This way you can create lots of canned response and add them instantly on your compose or reply box.

Insert Canned Response
Insert Canned Response

Check out the Full Video demo below:-

Canned responses are easy to create and once you have them set up, you can easily use them on your new message or use them to reply also. One of the fastest way to send the same written mail over and over without copy and past. Looking fro more Gmail Tips, Click here!

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