Translate Multiple Languages With Language Translation Windows 8 App

A lot of language translation online service are available on the net which helps you to translate multiple languages easily, Google translate is one of them. But today we found a new Windows 8 app Language Translation. Language Translation costs nothing and handy app that can take good care of all of your all your language translation needs. It allows you to make translations in multiple languages such as English, French, Arabian, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, German, and many many more. The app is simple to use and clutter-free with ease to use interface. You can this app from the Windows 8 app store and translate lots of language in a single click. If you are a regular traveler and looking for the best language translation app, then you have to must try this nice and handy windows 8 app on your PC.

The app is available for both MAC and Windows 8 users, if you are a MAC user then you have to pay $1.99 to use this application on your MAC. The interface of the Language Translation Windows 8 App is plain and simple. You can select the source and target language. And in just a couple of seconds you can view the translation on the same window screen.

As we already point out that the app is only available for Windows 8 users and you can download it from Windows 8 store. You can find the download link of the Language Translation app at the end of this post. Once you download the application on your Windows 8 computer, you can see the new tile on your Windows 8 Screen. From here you can run the application to translate one language to another language easily. See the screenshot below:-

Windows 8 Translator App
Windows 8 Translator App

Once you run the application on your Windows 8 PC. You can see two box on your screen, from here you have to select the language in which you want to translate your language. You can do this from the drop down menu of the application and select the language that you want to use in the Language Translation application. After selecting the language just type and you can see the translation of your language on the next box. You can also use copy paste feature in this tool.

Translate Language
Translate Language

The bottom line is that Language Translation Windows 8 App would be a very good tool for translating language into another language. If you are regular traveler or want to impress your friend with other language then you have to must try this Windows 8 application.

Download Language Translation Windows 8 App

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