Turn Your Smartphone into Wireless Remote to Control PC

Do you know that you can turn your windows or Android smartphone into wireless remote to control your Windows PC. Yes with Unified Remote application you can use your smartphone as wireless keyboard, mouse, and control center, useful for controlling your PC from a distance. There are so many application which helps you turn your android into wireless mouse or Use iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad as Wireless Mouse. But Unified Remote application is one of the best and powered with lots of features, which turns your Android or windows device into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote control for your Windows PC. Now from you phone you can shutdown and restarts windows PC, access all the files from your phone, play and pause videos and songs, access the Start menu to easily launch programs and control the playback of streaming YouTube videos directly from your smartphone.

In simple words we can say that one of the best application powered with lots of feature to control PC remotely. One thing we like about the app is that its easy to use and you have to download the application on your Windows PC and smartphone to get started. Below is the guide which helps you to control your PC with your phone.

Turn Your Smartphone into Wireless Remote to Control PC

How to control your PC with your phone

First thing all you have to do is install the Windows application on your computer, after the installation on Windows machine you have to download the mobile application on your Android or Window smartphone. You can find the download links at the end of his post. Here we are using the windows 8 PC and Android smartphone to control PC wireless. To use this application you need a WiFi router or Bluetooth connection on both Windows and smartphone device.

After the installation run the application from your device, Then add a new server, select “Automatic,” and the app will find your computer. Tap your computer’s name to connect. See the screen shot below:-

Unified Remote
Unified Remote

Now your smartphone is connected with the windows PC, on the application you can see the “Remotes” option, click on it and now you can see the list of the the remotely features such as File manager, Keyboard, Media, Navigation, Power, Slide Show, Start, Youtube and more.

Unified Remote Features
Unified Remote Features

From these option you can can access all your Windows Files on your PC, play YouTube video from smartphone directly, access all Windows start menu from smartphone, Shutdown, restart, hibernate your PC directly from y-our phone. It’s good application to turn your smartphone into wireless remote to control window PC, and there’s basically no lag if your network connection is stable

Check out the Video Demo Below:-

We tested this application on pour Windows 8 PC and Android Nexus 4, the application works fine for us and all the features are working perfectly without any lag. One of the best and free application to control your Windows PC from a distance.

Download Unified Remote application

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